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No child in Africa, and in fact anywhere in the world, should be denied education

William W. Purkey

Ratings Of Small And Local Charities

While our politicians ignore the fact that current disasters are intensifying due to the climate crisis, scientists are telling us we need to do more to reduce the intensity and severity of disasters. 

Children are hardest hit by human-induced climate change as it limits their access to essential services such as food, shelters, and education. 

Johny Doe

Use Zoom, Facetime, or Skype to keep in touch with family and friends, both local and overseas to stay social, and maintain friendships and relationships when you can’t be together.

How To Keep Kids Engaged And Parents Sane

Keep a routine. Giving children a structure for each day will help them feel more secure, and it gives parents and caregivers a routine to work around. Try to do the things you would normally do, including your showering/bathing routine, keeping consistent mealtimes, and restricting recreational access to screens, having at least some screen-free time each day, as you would at other times. 

  • Charity Governance Code
  • Kent Good Governance Charity Forum, Brachers
  • Governing your organisation, NCVO

Find time for children to get fresh air and sunlight. This may be as simple as spending some time in the backyard or on the balcony. If you live in a place where you can’t get outside, open your curtains and windows if you can, and let the natural light in.

Children Thrive On Parental Attention

For both parents and children, it’s important to remember, the lockdowns won’t last forever. This period of time may be difficult, but it will pass as Australia speeds up its vaccination rates, providing protection for those vaccinated against hospitalization and death. With strong vaccination rates, we can be confident 2022 that we can protect the most vulnerable members of society.

In this time ask them if they just want to share, or if they want you to help them to find a solution. Children don’t always want advice, sometimes being heard is enough. If you or your children need further support, please reach out to a trained professional such as a psychologist, social worker or GP. 

Victoria Anderson

Hello! I am Victoria Anderson. I am city skyline and landscape photographer. I fell in love with photography when I bought my first digital camera Canon 5d Mark II back in 2011.

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Kağıt / Karton ebat kesim ve dilimleme işleri yapmaktadır. Özel makina parkuru sayesinde kaliteden taviz vermeden , minimum fire ile hizmet vermektedir.

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